The Environment Section of the Dzongkhag Administration primarily functions under the aegis of the Dzongkhag Environment Committee (DEC). This is in accordance with section 44 of the National Environment Protection Act, 2007.

Dzongkhag Environment Committee (DEC):

DEC is a Competent Authority (CA) at the Dzongkhag level and has the following duties and functions:

  1. Issuance of Environmental clearance for projects listed under the competence of Dzongkhag as per Environmental Assessment (EA) Act, 2000 and its Regulation.

  2. Review of non-listed projects prior to forwarding to National Environment Commission Secretariat (NECS) or any other relevant competent authority.

  3. Compliance monitoring of the conditions of the environmental clearance and taking necessary action for non-compliance.

  4. Gathering and forwarding environmental information on a regular basis to the NECS.

  5. Monitoring the quality of the environment.

Environmental Clearance Services

Click here to view the List of exempted projects/activities from the Environmental Clearance requirement (updated 2020 & 2021)

Click here to view the list of projects/activities under the Dzongkhag Environmental Committee (DEC) for Environmental Clearance (updated 2020 & 2021)

NOTE: For projects not listed in the above lists, the National Environment Commission Secretariat shall review and assess the environmental clearance application.