The Environment Section of the Dzongkhag Administration primarily functions under the aegis of Dzongkhag Environment Committee (DEC). This is in accordance to the section 44 of the National Environment Protection Act, 2007.

Dzongkhag Environment Committee (DEC):

DEC is a Competent Authority (CA) at the Dzongkhag level and has following duties and functions:

  1. Issuance of Environmental clearance for projects listed under the competence of Dzongkhag as per Environmental Assessment (EA) Act, 2000 and its Regulation.

  2. Review of non-listed projects prior to forwarding to National Environment Commission Secretariat (NECS) or any other relevant competent authority.

  3. Compliance monitoring of the conditions of the environmental clearance and taking necessary action for non-compliance.

  4. Gathering and forwarding environmental information on regular basis to the NECS.

  5. Monitoring the quality of the environment.

Environmental Clearances Services under DEC:

  1. Road widening/curve improvement activities within Dzongkhag Jurisdiction

  2. Road realignment within Dzongkhag Jurisdiction

  3. Construction of Bridge

  4. Construction of Power Tiller Track

  5. Construction of Farm Road and Feeder Road

  6. Construction of RNR Centers including staff quarter as package

  7. Construction of Gewog Centers including staff quarter as package

  8. Construction of Lhakhang/Chorten

  9. Construction of BHU and ORC

  10. Construction of Rural Water Supply Scheme (More than 1000 L/Day)

  11. Construction of Transmission lines with substation (less or equal to 33kV)

  12. Constructions of Hotels/Resorts/Serviced Apartments within Dzongkhag Jurisdiction

  13. Establishment of Recreational Facilities (Parks and Gardens)

  14. Establishment of Dump yard (excavated materials)

  15. Automobile Service (workshop and water servicing)

  16. Establishment and operation of Sawmill (cottage and small scale)

  17. Sawdust Briquetting Plant (cottage and small scale)

  18. Setting up and operation of Stone Crushing Unit (cottage and small scale)

  19. Setting up of Telecommunication Towers

  20. Construction of Private Road with Dzongkhag Jurisdiction

  21. Setting up and operation of Hot Mix Plant/Wet Mix Plant, Asphalt Plant, Bitumen Plant, Concrete Batching Plant

  22. Construction of Community Primary, Lower, Middle and Higher Secondary Schools (private and government)