The Gewog is located at the northern part of the Dzongkhag covering an area of 554.4 Km² and is the largest Gewog in the Dzongkhag. It has 481 households, 20 numbers of villages and 5147 number of population including town according to the PHCB-2017 census.  It has Bumthang Dzongkhag to north and east, Wangdiphodrang Dzongkhag to west and to the south Drakteng and Tangsibji Gewog. Trongsa Dzongkhag headquarter is located within this Gewog.

Almost all kinds of crops are grown in the Gewog but in some villages potato and chili are mostly grown which is in-fact one of the main source of cash income for the villagers.

Since Dzongkhag headquarter is located in the Gewog it has an access to all kinds of facilities.  The Gewog has 16 numbers of farm roads connecting the villages.




No institutions in this Gewog.