Comperatative Statement 2018 - 2019

Attachment Size
comparative statement for Catering items 2018-2019.pdf 770.97 KB
Comparative Statement for Chadi & culture items 2018-2019.pdf 958.34 KB
Comparative Statement for computer equipment 2018-2019.pdf 5.27 MB
Comparative Statement for Furniture items 2018-2019.pdf 5.33 MB
Comparative Statement for Hardware items 2018-2019.compressed.pdf 3.51 MB
Comparative Statement for Stationeries & Game items 2018-2019.compressed.pdf 2.52 MB
Comparative Statement for Electrical items 2018-2019.compressed (1).pdf 5.52 MB
Supplier contact list for 2018-2019.pdf 161.69 KB

Comperatative Statement 2017 - 2018

Attachment Size
Catering items for fiscal year 2017-18.pdf 468.31 KB
Comparative Statement for furniture items for fiscal year 2017-18.pdf 4.03 MB
Comparative statement for hardwares item for fiscal year 2017-18.pdf 7.47 MB
comparative statement for maintenance of vehicle spare part and tyres tube.pdf 4.16 MB
Comparative Statment for Office Equipments 2017-18.pdf 6.83 MB
List of Chadi & cultural items for annual quotation 2017-18.pdf 664.83 KB