02 October 2020

The Dzongkhag Kidu Officer along with Dzongkhag Disaster Management Committee, and Nubi Gewog administration officials visited the last nights flash flood disaster site at Bjeezam today morning at 7am. All the necessary disaster assessment was done. Two house and a shop was completely washed away by the flash flood. There is two house owner and four tenants. In total 6 households lost all their property to the flash flood disaster. However, there is no casualties. As of now road towards Nubi Gewog Office was completely blocked.

Dzongkhag kidu office delivered His Majesty’s Royal Semso to all the victims of 6 household, provided them with Rations, assorted Vegetables, LPG, and other necessary items and helped them with temporary shelter with moral support. DDMO provided emergency family kit to each victim.

Victims offered immense gratitude to His Majesty The King for Kidu.