The vision of the Dzongkhag Civil Registration and Census is delivering civil registration and census related services of the highest standard and quality to the public of Trongsa Dzongkhag.


  • To enumerate and maintain accurate database on all citizens and Special Residence Permit (SRP) holders under the Dzongkhag.

  • To improve and deliver customer care services through the optimal use of information and communication.

  • To maintain complete demographic data in the system.

  • To enhance and simplify the census service under this Dzongkhag.


Service available:

  1. Birth Registration;

  2. New CID/SRP Card Issuance;

  3. Census Transfer;

  4. Name Change/Correction of Date of Birth;

  5. Citizen/SRP Individual Information;

  6. Death Registration;

  7. Household Information;

  8. Updation of Census Status;

  9. Replacement of CID/SRP Card;

  10. Change of Citizen Information;

  11. Issuance of Nationality Documents for Minors;

  12. Updation of individual  Information; and

  13. Change of HoH