Urban Development Sector/ Engineering Sector

Current Situation:

The sector is currently carrying out the development of urban services and infrastructures in the Trongsa town; the only urban centre in the Dzongkhag. The town has a total population of 1200 approximately.

The town houses important facilities like Higher Secondary school, Primary school, Regional Trade office, BAFRA, Road Safety Transport Authority (RSTA). Further, most of the Dzongkhag corporation offices like Bhutan post, power, Bank of Bhutan, Bhutan National Bank, Bhutan Development Bank Limited, Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry are located in the town.

The construction like resurfacing, improvement of drains has been completed. A market shed and an agriculture input store was constructed in 2010.

With lots of Construction going on there is an acute shortage of engineers in the Dzongkhag.

Environment Sector

Current Situation:

The conservation or preservation of natural environment has been given due importance by Dzongkhag. 87.5% of the total area in the Dzongkhag is covered with forest.

As a part of decentralization policy, the District Environment Committee (DEC) was established in 2002 and in 2007 the District Environment Officers were appointed as a focal person on issues pertaining to environment. As mandated by our development philosophy and required by Constitution of Bhutan, the preservation and conservation of environment was given outmost importance. As per Environment Assessment Act 2000 and its regulation, the DEC was given 12 listed activities to be cleared from Dzongkhag. This basically includes farm road less than 5 Km, power tiller track, mule track, private road less than 500 m, community schools, RNR centres, geog centres, labour camp, ORC, Lhakhang/chorten, Rural water supply schemes and solid waste disposal.

Besides, the environment section also compiles and reviews the projects that are non-listed, and forward to respective competent authority assigned by the commission.