Though Trongsa Dzongkhag covers an area about 1807.29 sq km, about 4596.48Acres (1869.63 wet land & 3726.85 dry land) of land are arable excluding orchards experiencing warm humid climate. The soil type found is sandy loamy and clay loamy. The Agriculture is the main employment source and source of income for majority of the population. The main crops grown by the farmers are Paddy, Maize, Buck wheat, wheat, Mandarin, temperate fruit crops like pear, plum peach etc, Potato, chilli and other vegetable crops. The annual cereal crops production is around 3903MT which are mainly retained for home consumption to meet the year round cereal demand of the family and only small volume of the Horticulture produce like vegetables are marketed at local market while cash crop like mandarin are sold on large volume.

Current status of main crop production

Sl.No Crop Area(Acres)/Numbers Production (Mt) Yield
1 Paddy 1786 1756 983
2 Maize 1182 1276 1079
3 Bitter Buck Wheat 688 270 392
4 Sweat Buck Wheat 366 222 607
5 Mustard 348 84 243
6 Buck Wheat 681 380 558
7 Peach 2052 18 40
8 Guava 2422 103 42
9 Mandarin 4615 258 56
10 Radish 143 448 3142
11 Potato 261 1021 3914
12 Chilli 185 323 1746

Sources: Agriculture Statics, 2007

The Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector emphasis agriculture development through triple gem strategy of Production, accessibility and Marketing, recent upcoming of OGTP (One Geog Three Product) plan of MoA could upscale/ orient farming practices to semi commercial and commercial level where it would solve the problem of rural urban migration partially, food shortage and generate income earning source to enhance livelihood of the farmers in pursuit of Gross National Happiness.

Apart from providing extension advices to rural population, supply of improved seed and seedling, farmers training, land management, irrigation channel construction, farm road construction etc are some of the targeted activities to improve agriculture production.

The Seven agriculture staff of the Agriculture Sector renders services to farmers of Trongsa Dzongkhag.

The total arable land of five Gewogs of the Dzongkhag has 2160.17 acres of wet land, 2852.14 acres of dry land, 2106.09 acres of pang/tseri, 2.73 acres of apple garden, 0.55 acres of orange orchard and 100.21 acres of cardamom garden and in total 7221.89 acres. Out of 7221.89 acres Nubi Gewog has 1933.10 acres, Langthil geog has 1471.20 acres, Tangsibji Gewog has 851.88 acres, Draktang Gewog has 1846.29 acres and Korphu Gewog has 1119.42 acres. Almost all the public rely on maize, wheat and other dry cultivation as the 70% of the land are dry field and pang/tseri due to the high altitude.