Vision              : Produce loyal, visionary and dedicated citizen

Mission           : Equip and Enhance schools with viable support (material and human  

                             resource) for optimum education standard


Current Situation:

The Dzongkhag Education sector aims to achieve 100% literacy rate by the year 2018. Therefore, Dzongkhag Administration will work towards achieving education for all, which is compulsory education for those falling in the age group of 6-12 who have not enrolled and for those who are above 13 can get enrolled in non-formal educations centers which provides basic and post literacy courses to the learners in all five Gewogs.

As of now, there are 24 schools under Trongsa Dzongkhag. Of which

-          15 Community Primary Schools

-          4 Primary Schools

-          2 Lower Secondary Schools

-          1 Middle Secondary School

-          2 Higher Secondary Schools

Other than Schools there are:

-          1 Community School (Extended Classroom)

-          46 Non-Formal Education Centers

-          1 College (Rigzhung Institute of Language and Cultural Studies)

Out of the 24 schools, 7 schools are under Nubi Gewog, 5 under Drakten, 5 under Langthel, 4 under Tangsibji and 3 schools under Korphu Gewog. As of July 2017 there are 3721 students enrolled in schools out of which 1791 are boys and 1930 are girls. The Dzongkhag has 126 male and 87 female teachers (includes National contract teachers, regular teacher, and expatriates) supported by 15 supporting staffs (includes OA, Lib Asst, Lab Asst, Technicians, Store Asst, Care giver, Counselor, Chiphen Rigphel Instructor, Sports instructor and driver ) and 65 ESP/GSC staffs. There are seven boarding schools: Sherubling higher secondary school, Taktse middle secondary school, Samchoeling Middle Secondary School, Tshangkha lower secondary school, Langthel lower secondary school, Bemji primary school and Korphu primary school. Tongtophey, Nabji, Nimshong, Jangbi and Kela community primary schools are provided day meal to the students.

Continuing education has been started at Sherubling Higher Secondary School from 2010 academic year.