Vision (RCSC):

A dynamic and professional Civil Service committed to promoting Good Governance in the pursuit of Gross National Happiness.

Mission (RCSC):

Ensure an independent and apolitical civil service that will discharge its public duties and services in an efficient, transparent and accountable manner.

• Ensure that civil servants render professional service guided by the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

• Ensure that uniform rules and regulations on recruitment, appointment, staffing, training, transfers and promotion prevail throughout the civil service.

• Continue to maintain a small, compact and an efficient Civil Service that is merit based.

• Enhance Civil Service capacity through Human Resource Development Programs.

• Maintain up-to-date personnel information on all civil servants.


HR Section Roles and Responsibilities:

With a total number of 484 civil servants recorded as of June 2011 under Trongsa Dzongkhag. The Human Resource Section basically functions as engine of Human Resource Management Division (HRMD) Human Resource Development Division (HRD) in the Dzongkhag. In the area of HRMD following are the key areas:

  1. Develop and review Staffing Pattern/Strength for the Dzongkhag and submit to the Royal Civil Service Commission on time.
  2. Prepare human resource requirement projection and recruitment plans from time to time.
  3. Coordinate decentralized recruitment of the civil service at the Dzongkhag Level.
  4. Review & process promotion proposals
  5. Facilitate transfers of the civil servants.
  6. Facilitate secondment of civil servants

Further, following are the key focus areas in the field of HRD

  1. Prepares plans for human resource development for the in-country training.
  2. Implement short-term trainings.
  3. Liaise with the HROs of Ministries/Agencies/Dzongkhags.

The General Administration functions under the head of the Administration in carrying out the following duties.

  • Rendering services for the Secretariat in:
  • General administration,
  • Personnel Management,
  • Logistics arrangement for meetings and workshop,
  • Maintaining an inventory of the government properties and periodic updates thereof,
  • Purchase office equipment, office supplies and other materials,
  • Manage Pool vehicles,

Any other activities related to administration and finance