Information Board

Information from various sectors:

Administration Sector

1. Dzongkhag Calendar                                (Click to view Dzongkhag Yearly Event Calender)



Education Sector

1. Final Shortlist for Taktse-Rigzhung                       (Click to view Dzongkhag Instructional Calender for 2014)

2. Instructional Calendar 2014                                 (Click to view Dzongkhag Instructional Calender for 2014)

3. Dzongkhag Education Calendar for 2014             (Click to view Dzongkhag Education Calender for 2014)


Finance Sector

1. Revised Timeline Service Delivery                           (Click to view Revised Timeline Service Delivery)

2.Budget Notification for the FY 2014-2015               (Click to view Budget Notification for FY 14-15)

3. Approved Dolam in various Gewogs under Trongsa Dzongkhag       (Click to view Approved Dolam under Trongsa Dzongkhag)