Annual Tshechu

The four day Annual Tshechu of Trongsa Dzongkhag started today, the monks performed the following mask dance:

  1. Shinjay Mask Dance
  2. Zhanang Mask Dance
  3. Zhanang Ngacham Mask Dance

The Boeth-Champas (Attendants) performed the following dance

  1. Dramey-Tsi Nga Cham
  2. Nyu-ley and Pe-ling Gi-Sum
  3. Kel cham
  4. Pho-ley Mo-ley
  5. Shaw-Gangly Bab-pa and Sha-rop Geom Dorji

Tomorrow the monks will perform Dur-Dag Mask Dance, Ja-Ling Tse-Kor-pa and Tum-ngam Mask Dance. The Boeth-champas will perform Rag-Sha Go-cham and Tag Dha Ma-cham.

More than 2000 people attended the Tshechu today.

Royal Civil Service Award 2017, Trongsa

Recipient of Royal Civil Service Award

The Royal Civil Service Commission is honored and privileged to receive a Royal Command from His Majesty The Druk Gyalpo to implement the Royal Civil Service Award for the year 2017.

Dasho Dzongda of Dzongkhag Administration Trongsa gave medals to the recipient and used the occasion to rededicate the loyalty and service from the civil servants/public servants to the tsawa Sum and motivated them.


This is for general information of all concerned that, the name of work for the approach road and compound resurfacing, old DVH internal maintenance remodeling is mistakenly written as Chain link fencing at treatment plant on the very first page of bidding document on our website.

Therefore, Dzongkhag Administration regrets the mistake committed and kindly re-read it as mentioned above